3 Dy-no-mite Reasons to Use Event Evaluations (plus free download)

Creating a successful event on campus takes a lot of hard work, cooperation, and planning. Implementing a little bit of structure can go a long way in helping keep people in your student programming organization, while also promoting growth and valuing their time.

Programming boards of all sizes do 'post-mortem' meetings to evaluate what went well, and what didn't go well, to inform future decisions and learn from both successes and mistakes.

When is the best time to do an event evaluation? Within one week of the event. That is when the feedback is freshest in everyone's mind. We've provided 3 great reasons to complete event evaluations as also included our templates for you do download for free!

  1. Provide great examples of what to do and warnings of what not to do

  2. Implement effective planning and goal setting

  3. Create a legacy within your programming board

Download the pdf version to start using it today or download the .doc version to make it your own!