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At ArtistHub, we’ve done the heavy-lifting for you. We’ve identified and brought countless up-and-coming artists onto one platform, making it fun and easy to find and book that perfect entertainer for your next event.

Get full access to the powerful tool that takes the guesswork out of event planning, and puts you back in the driver’s seat. So instead of hiring Becky’s brother to play the bagpipes, you can literally search hundreds of entertainers and find the one that’ll keep your campus buzzing long after the big night. Seems legit, because it is legit.

Oh, and did we mention the platform is totally free to use?

Discover Artists Who Fit your Vision and Budget

Our user-friendly filters allow you to zero-in and find artists within your genre and budget. Choose from a pool of artists as diverse as your student body (or corporate team!). Read profiles, watch videos, and discover the rising stars before everyone else.

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See Past Reviews and Read Current Feedback

Social proof. Street cred. It’s how we make decisions today. . . because it works! ArtistHub gives you the insider scoop. Read reviews, leave reviews, and our community built on trust and transparency will help you vet entertainers and take the risk out of booking your next headliner.

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Communicate with Other Event Planners

Dig deeper, if you so wish. Get in touch with other schools and corporate teams to see how it really went for them. What’s that you say? Michael Kent blew the roof off the house with nothing but an acoustic guitar and those deep, stirring vocals? And who could forget those baby blue eyes? Oh yes, the details matter.

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Everything You Need to Plan Legendary Events


Read reviews of other event planners and organizers to ensure you’re choosing the right artist for your event


Reduce discovery time and save some serious cash by finding an artist touring through your neck-of-the-woods


Get connected with other schools and organizations to ask specific questions about performers and booking agents


You read that right. After booking an artist, step up your event-promotion game with all the hottest SWAG

Are you an Artist or Agent?

Start Getting Better Gigs!