Quality Student Activities Programming on a Budget

Awesome Student Activities Programming on the Cheap

For a student activities board, finding fun, novel, and engaging quality programming for your students can be hard with or without money. With so many different activities to plan, it can be extremely challenging to find quality programming that your students will love at a very low cost.

Maybe you’re a busy student yourself. Or, maybe you’re a staff board member with a lot on the agenda and only a small amount of time to gets things done. Either way, having a smaller budget doesn’t help. Luckily, we’ve compiled fun and effective ideas to get you started quickly. No matter what budget your student activities board is working with, you’ll still want to check these out.

Below, you’ll find a short list of things that can jump-start your student activities with little to no money. Or, skip the stress and check out ArtistHub’s free-to-use platform for a variety of entertainers on any budget.

Bring out the Student Led Yoga

Yoga is huge these days, and students love escaping their desks by practicing some sun salutations. Don’t have enough cash to hire a yoga instructor? Reach out and you’ll find there are already some expert practitioners right on your campus. Kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, and give a student the chance to show off their skills by letting them teach a free stress-relieving yoga class.

Campus Student Music Festival

If you’re like most campuses, then you already have access to musical equipment. Put it to use by letting your college bands play a music festival outside on campus. Talk to local businesses about showing up with free demos and product samples to keep students interested during band set-up times. Want to hire a professional band on a limited budget? Let ArtistHub help you bring the best music to your campus at the best price.

Hold a Free Pizza Social

For students, free food is one of the ultimate campus event attractions. Free pizza is even better. Luckily for you, pizza is cheap. Phone up your local pizza shop, order a dozen simple pizzas and invite students to bring a picnic blanket and socialize. Keep students interested by offering fun mini-games, raffles, and small prizes. Better yet, combine it with some high quality entertainment.

Tip: This activity is an especially big hit at the beginning of each semester - or when students need a little extra cheer mid-winter.

Plan a Seasonal Event

Seasonal events are fun and can be surprisingly easy (and cheap) to plan. Although we Americans spend millions on our little orange ghouls, the price of pumpkins has dropped significantly this year. Grab some pumpkins, bring out the electric tea lights, and host a spooky pumpkin carving night.

Alternatively, let the beauty of Fall do your work and have an outdoor smores roasting extravaganza. No changing of the leaves on your campus? No problem! Many business are willing to donate free samples for publicity on campus - work with your local ice cream shop to celebrate the end of winter with free kiddie scoops.

Create a Slam Poetry Open Mic

With the advent of slam poetry, students and others all over the country have begun expressing themselves in this new and exciting way. Meet students where their passions are by hosting a slam poetry open mic. Are your students uninterested in being slam poets? Host a general open mic and bring the free popcorn.

Tip: Host something students will flock to by using ArtistHub to book your next entertainment.

Surprise: Field Days are Actually Fun

Sometimes field days are a hard pitch to your student activities board. With the right ideas, however, field days are a great way for students to have fun, branch out, and make new friends. Games like capture the flag don’t require any resources and can be organized easily. Go one step further and have a game of blind volleyball or a campus wide tug of war. Make it exciting with a kiddie pool in the middle.

Show Off the Value of High Quality Entertainment

This is a great list to get your students excited about events on campus. Planning for other entertainment -- like high quality comedians, musicians, and other artists -- is hard and takes time you probably don’t have. Fortunately, booking professional entertainers is now easier than ever. Make an account, browse through entertainers, read the reviews, and pick your next act - we handle the details. Sign up for an ArtistHub account and bring your activities to the next level!