Student Activities Guidebook to Marketing Events


College campuses always have something fun to do.  All year long, student organizations are hard at work putting together comedy shows, concerts, conferences, and other events. But with so much happening all the time, it can be challenging for student leaders and their faculty advisors to plan an event that will fill every seat in the room. That’s why it’s important to have a marketing plan!

Whether you are a just starting out in event programming or a seasoned leader, having a diverse toolkit for promoting your events gives you invaluable skillset to adjust your marketing based on the size of your event, budget, and target audience demographic.

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"We've employed many of these tactics for our events and I find myself revisiting this guide each time we have a new marketing plan to create - always a useful nugget to find!

Bethany Hartley South Bend - Elkhart Regional Partnership


Creating a marketing plan from scratch can be tough - I often wondered: what tactics should I use?  When should I deploy them?  How far in advance should I start planning?  What makes a good asset?

In this guide, I'll cover:

+ The basics of marketing theory
+ Timelines that keep you on track
+ Tactics that get results
+ Software and tools that make your job easier
+ Vendors and outlets that I've trusted many times over the years



Truth is, I didn’t go to school for marketing either.  But I DID get tons of hands on experience marketing events of all sizes during my undergrad years and carried that through to my professional career.  In the early days, I taught myself Photoshop, read tons of blog posts, and learned by trial and error what is most effective in different situations.   I still continue to learn today.

Whether you are a beginner, or more experienced event planner, this book will give you the tools needed to pack the house (or coffee house).

I realize not every event is going to have a sold-out attendance, and many of the events I’ve marketed aren’t to sell-out crowds.  I have, however, put forth my best effort for each and every event given its unique budget, timeline, and target audience.

This guide covers a diverse range of marketing tactics and details how to execute each one to give you the confidence to try new ideas.



People say, "sure, this works for big budgets, but..."

Many variations of these ideas for events ranging from 50 attendees to 9,000-seat sell-out crowds.  Each event’s marketing plan needs to be created and evaluated based on the budget, target audiences’ demographics and the specific type of event.

In the Complete Edition, I’ll show you the marketing plans and assets we used for concerts, comedians, and magicians.


Hi, I’m Kristopher Priemer - a marketer, designer, and event operations consultant (and former Student Activities Board president).  I’ve created and executed marketing plans for numerous events including: The Chainsmokers, Tim McGraw, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Jack’s Mannequin, Carrie Underwood, Huey Lewis and the News, Michael Carbonaro, Demetri Martin, Jim Gaffigan, and Gabriel Iglesias.

During my time as an undergrad, our student activities board produced events of all shapes and sizes including outdoor movies; home-grown events (like our very own Fear Factor); special events including magicians, food giveaways, and stress-relief during finals; and large concerts and comedians.

I’ve taken all the knowledge I’ve learned over the years and compiled them into this guide so I can help as many people as possible increase their event marketing skills.  My goal is help event planners expand their toolkit for creating and executing successful marketing plans for their events.


The budget option (but still gives you the solid foundation!)

My goal was to write a guide that you will reference over and over again for years to come.  Not every method is going to be used for each event you produce, so having a place to come back to for not only ideas, but also how to execute them, is invaluable.  If your budget is scarce (and let’s be honest, who’s isn’t?), I highly recommend getting the guide by itself.


Everything you need to up your marketing game

In this package, I'll take you through some of my marketing plans and assets created for entertainment events.  I think it's also important to learn from what didn't work well for a particular event, so I'll also go into those aspects for each event!

+ The guide in PDF format
+ 2 copies in paperback print
+ 2 example marketing plans I've used for events
+ 6 videos going though lessons learned, the creation of specific assets, and tips for successful deployment


Which package should I buy?

That mostly depends on your budget. Obviously the complete package is the best, but the book by itself is still 70+ pages of tactics and ideas that will completely change your marketing process.

Will this guide become outdated?

I’ve been using a lot of these tactics for many years, and I always want to stay on the cutting edge of marketing.  I’ve also learned that things don’t always change and some of the effective techniques I still use today are ones I started using over 10 years ago.  Technology gives additional methods for reaching an audience and as the marketing landscape changes and I update this guide, you’ll get lifetime access to any revisions (revisions may be sent in PDF only).

What's your refund policy?

If the book's not for you, just email me within 30 days and I'll give you a refund.  My passion is helping event planners create and promote memorable events.

Does this include social media?

I purposely left off social media marketing in this guide (although we do go over tools to create graphics and other digital marketing methods).  Social media is ever-changing and by the time I publish this guide, it would be outdated.  I do plan to write a companion guide on social media marketing it the future.  Note: I do include how we used social media in my marketing plans.

Can you cover xyz?

If you have your own experiences and ideas or would like me to cover a specific topic, I'd love to hear them and potentially include them in future revisions of this guide.  Share them with me at


The Digital Edition

Get a digital copy of the Student Activities Guidebook to Marketing

+ The book in PDF format

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The Physical Edition

+ The book in PDF format
+ One physical paperback copy

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The Complete Edition

+ The guide in PDF format
+ 2 copies in paperback print
+ 2 example marketing plans
+ 6 videos lessons learned

(printed copies ship in 3-4 weeks; extra content available in 2021)