Top 4 Campus Activity Ideas for College Commuter Students

Top 4 Ideas for College Commuter Student Activities 

It’s not easy serving on a student activities board. You’ve got a lot of things to balance. Like everyone else on campus, you’ve got exams coming up, papers that are due, and a pile of reading to get through by Monday. But on top of all that, everyone else on campus is looking to you to put together fun, exciting, engaging activities that appeal to everyone at your college or university. Talk about a tall order!

When brainstorming student activities ideas, one of the toughest things to do is coming up with events that engage commuter students as well as those who live on campus. At a lot of schools, freshmen are required to live on campus in dorms. Getting freshmen engaged in campus activities is comparatively easy: they’re already on campus, they’re bored, and they’re looking for something to do (and for an excuse to procrastinate just a little bit more).

But with commuter students, it’s different. They don’t live on campus, which means that commuter students often show up for school, go to a couple of classes, and then drive home straight away. They don’t hang around on campus after class, or go get a meal at the dining hall with friends. As a result, commuter students often feel a little “left out” from the college experience. They’re not exposed to the same sort of atmosphere as students who are living on campus, be it in dorms or on-campus apartments.

By designing activities specifically targeted at commuters, you give commuting students the chance to feel like they’re a part of the school -- and they’ll love you for it! Below, we’ve put together our top 4 student activities ideas for commuter students. Keep reading to learn more.

  1. Commuter Student Appreciation Week

One of the best ways to let commuter students know you care is by putting together a whole week of activities in their honor. The activities themselves don’t have to be huge or onerous to plan and execute, of course. Any of the ideas below can be incorporated into a “Commuter Student Week” or “Commuter Appreciation Week.” By featuring these campus activities events as part of a whole week of programming, you increase your chances of catching the attention of busy commuter students who may not generally pay much attention to on-campus programming.

  1. Commuter Breakfast Stop-In

Commuters are usually in a hurry to get to class, which means they often don’t have time to make breakfast before they leave home in the morning. Sometimes they don’t have a chance a grab a coffee, either. And as we all know, no coffee + no breakfast = a rough morning in class. Considering offering a quick grab-and-go style breakfast for commuters on campus that runs for a couple of hours in the morning. This means that commuter students will have the opportunity to stop by when they first get to campus, or pop in between classes. Provide free coffee and pastries, and make sure to hand out literature about upcoming student events. This is a great way to engage commuters and get them interested in future campus activities events.

  1. Bonfire Night

Nothing bring people together like roasting smores around an open fire. While it can be tough to get commuter students to hang around campus in the evenings, having a bonfire in late fall -- when it gets dark early in the evening and the nights are cold -- is a great way to encourage commuter students to mingle with students who live on campus. Throw in some smores, and everyone’s happy!

  1. Commuter Student Sleepover

The fact that on-campus students spend their nights on campus is something that’s easy to take for granted. But, that evening bonding time results in a lot of long lasting friendships. For commuter students who leave campus right after their last class, there’s not as much time available to get to know their fellow students. By putting together a commuter student sleepover in the student center, you give commuter students a chance to stay up late and chat with other commuters. Provide food, non-alcoholic beverages, and various activities and games to keep the students engaged. Be sure to remind them that they’ll need to bring a sleeping bag, too.

Planning Your Next Campus Activities Event

So there you have it: our top 4 ideas for commuter student events. Of course, there are lots of other options out there when it comes to campus activities. In addition to the ideas above, events involving college entertainers like musicians, comedians, speakers, and magicians can be hugely popular amongst students.

The problem, though, is trying to find a legit entertainer in the first place. Fortunately, ArtistHub has made that process easier than ever. Looking for an entertainer for your next campus event? Browse our roster of talented professionals and scope out their reviews ahead of time. Sign up today to get started!